Apply for a Grant

The Foundation welcomes grant proposals submitted through an online form (see below) from registered charities or other qualified donees (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency) that are aligned with its mission. Please note that we are unable to fund all requests and have limited funding available for 2021.

We encourage you to first read our Granting FAQs before applying (and, in particular, our what we don’t fund question).

If you have any questions, please contact Ben Liadsky at 416-923-8953 ext. 121 or ben[at]

The Foundation has a two-stage funding request process:

1. Letter of Intent (LOI)

We require a short Letter of Intent that outlines your intended project to be submitted online through the link above. As part of your submission, you may choose to include a short supporting document. You will be able to save your progress if you need to. In addition, you may also download and complete our Letter of Intent Template first and then copy and paste to our online form. Upon completion, you will receive a record of your submission. Depending on the nature of the LOI, external reviewers may be asked to confidentially provide feedback to Foundation staff. If staff see alignment between your project/program and the Foundation’s goals, you may be invited to submit a formal Grant Application.

Estimated completion time: 45–60 minutes.

2. Grant Application

If you have been invited to submit a formal Grant Application, staff will reach out and provide you with a template and a due date for submission (typically due one month before the next Meeting of the Board of Directors). Staff will review the completed application and may ask further questions or require changes before taking it to the Board. In addition to the written application, you will also be asked to submit a cover letter, a budget, and a copy of your organization’s audited financial statements. You will also have the option of submitting up to three letters of support.

Estimated completion time: 2–3 hours

A few tips to consider as you prepare your LOI:

  • All LOIs are to be submitted online through the link provided above.
  • If staff decide to invite you to submit a full grant application, they will follow up with you directly with further instructions.
  • While staff will review your LOI and decide whether to invite you to complete a full grant application, it is the Foundation’s Board of Directors that review grant applications and decide whether to approve grants.
  • Consider what someone reading your LOI for the first time will think. Is the point you are trying to make clear?
  • Avoid repeating the same content in different sections.
  • Use plain language and avoid sector-specific jargon.
  • If you use acronyms, identify them at first usage.