Grant Reporting

The Counselling Foundation of Canada requires grant recipients to submit Grant Progress Reports (for multi-year grants) and Grant Final Reports (for all grants) via its ONLINE PORTAL. Reporting on grant accomplishments serves three purposes:

  • This allows us to fulfill our due diligence as required by the Canada Revenue Agency as a nonprofit grant-making organization;
  • The information collected influences our ongoing work as lessons learned from Grant Reports can help us shape our granting priorities and refine how we look at future requests for support. This information is also used to assess how the Foundation can leverage its resources to contribute to the greatest change in Canadian society;
  • We share lessons learned captured in Grant Reports with nonprofit sector stakeholders as a means of enhancing the legacy of the support we provide. Doing so allows others to learn from and use best practices derived from our grant recipients’ work.

With the support of some of our past and current grant recipients, we have created grant reporting documents that help us gain valuable insight into the projects we have supported, while not placing undue administrative burdens on our grant recipients. We also rely upon several time-saving tactics in our grant reporting documents so that grant reporting is as easy as possible. For instance, some of the information required in the respective Grant Progress and Grant Final Reports can be carried over or updated from content outlined in your Grant Application. Completing grant reports typically takes three hours.

The Foundation likewise provides samples of completed Grant Progress and Grant Final Reports of fictional projects that grant recipients can refer to when drafting their own grant reports. These documents provide insight into the type of information required to answer the questions in the respective grant reports. 

Sample Grant Progress Report

Sample Grant Final Report (Single Year)

Sample Grant Final Report (Multi Year)

A learning conversation might be held between a representative from the Foundation and the grant recipient within a few weeks of receiving a Grant Report. Doing so allows us an opportunity to discuss content in the Grant Report, seek clarification or more information if necessary, and consider next steps. A grant recipient may also request a learning conversation any time to share updates or discuss formal reports.

If you have any questions or would like assistance to develop your grant reporting materials, please contact Ben Liadsky at 416-923-8953 ext. 121 or at ben[at]