Granting FAQ

What are your funding interests?

The Foundation focuses on supporting career development and career counselling for youth between the ages of 12 and 30. In our 2020 Strategic Plan, we identify four focus areas within the Career Development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution bucket:

  • Youth leadership and empowerment
  • Workforce development
  • The spectrum of employability skills to career competencies or 21st century skills
  • Indigenous youth career transitions

In particular, the Foundation is interested in programs and projects that:

  • Eliminate barriers to the pursuit and attainment of meaningful work. These include significant, but surmountable obstacles whether they be financial, academic, language, lack of networks, location, access to services, discrimination, mental health and addictions, disabilities, familial circumstances, or socio-cultural expectations.
  • Promote employability. This includes fostering the attainment of appropriate education, motor, and soft skills (attitude, teamwork, motivation, adaptability, presentation, stress management, time management, accountability and confidence) for the purpose of being job-ready.
  • Raise career awareness. This includes promoting a shared understanding of: skills and talents, interests, values and passions; learning and educational pathways; labour market realities (e.g., trends, opportunities); and promoting personal hope, belief, optimism, self-esteem, personal agency, confidence, resilience, adaptability, motivation, aspiration, and possibilities as important aspects in the career development journey.

We also suggest looking at our Grants Database to get an idea of some of the projects and programs we have previously funded.

What types of requests are NOT funded?

The Foundation does not support the following types of requests:

  • Proposals from organizations that are not registered charitable organizations recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Proposals from organizations that are not recognized as Qualified Donees under the Income Tax Act of Canada
  • Capital campaigns and capital expenditures
  • General fundraising requests and campaigns
  • General administration or operating costs as the main focus of the request (We fund programs and projects, but allow for administration and operating costs as part of the request)
  • Emergency funds or deficit financing
  • Endowments, awards, fellowships, internships, sabbaticals, scholarships, or bursaries
  • Event sponsorships
  • Grants to individuals
  • Grants to non-Canadian Charities
  • Disaster relief
Where do you fund?

We are a national funder and we will consider initiatives from coast to coast to coast that support youth in Canada.

How many funding requests are successful in receiving funding?

Approximately 10% of the Letters of Intent we receive lead to a full Grant Application. Approximately 80% of Grant Application requests are awarded funding by the Board of Directors. Typically, the Foundation supports between 7 and 15 funding requests each year.

What is your typical grant amount?

It depends on the needs of your project/program. In recent years, our average (mean) grant amount per year has been approximately $50,000. On the higher end, we have funded some organizations at $100,000+ per year and on the lower end, we have funded some organizations at $15,000 per year. We suggest you look at our Grants Database and recent Activity Reports for examples of specific types of projects/programs that we have funded and grant amounts.

My organization is working with another organization, can we submit a joint letter of intent?

Yes! We encourage collaboration and welcome joint submissions. In one Letter of Intent you should indicate all the partner organizations that are involved and how the requested funding will be split between the organizations.

Can I submit more than one program/project for funding?

We would prefer that applicants choose one program/project that they feel best aligns with our funding interests per year. Given the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to provide support to all requests. Foundation staff are available to discuss your ideas in advance to help with your decision-making.