The Counselling Foundation of Canada’s branding consists of two elements:

1. Symbol: A tree sapling growing out of nurturing and caring hands. It illustrates the inherent ‘potential’ of every person given the correct environment in which to grow. The different coloured leaves suggest diversity within the individual.

2. Logotype: The Counselling Foundation of Canada typography is set in Century Expanded font.


The Foundation welcomes the use of its branding by organizations it supports (for instance, in marketing materials about an initiative made possible by our funding) and/or project collaborators (for instance, in marketing materials about a shared initiative).

Please respect the following guidelines when using our branding:

  • Both elements must be used in the exact format and proportions as stipulated in these guidelines and may not be modified in any way. Do not substitute other fonts or attempt to re-create the logotype. The individual elements cannot be used separately.
  • Our branding has specific proportions. Do not change its dimensions or orientation in any way by editing, retouching, redrawing, skewing, flipping, tilting, rotating or distorting it. Do not move either of the elements into any other position, shape or size.
  • Branding presentation is enhanced by making sure a minimum amount of open space is maintained around it, clear of all graphic imagery, edges and other visual elements. The minimum open space around the branding is equal to the width of one hand in The Counselling Foundation of Canada symbol.

The Counselling Foundation of Canada has two colour along with two black & white approved versions of its branding that you can download: