The Foundation requires funding recipients to submit Progress Reports (for multi-year initiatives) and Final Reports (for all initiatives). An email with a link to complete a report will be sent approximately four weeks in advance of the due date. Funding recipients may also choose to discuss their progress orally instead of a written report. Our reporting process serves three purposes:

  • It allows us to fulfill our due diligence as required by the Canada Revenue Agency as a nonprofit grant-making organization;
  • The information collected influences our ongoing work as lessons learned from funding reports can help us shape our funding priorities and refine how we look at future requests for support. We rely on the honest feedback of our funding recipients to help keep us up-to-date on the issues facing communities.
  • We hope our reports also contribute to a culture of ongoing learning both within our funding recipients as well as to the larger sector we serve. We share lessons learned captured in funding reports with nonprofit sector stakeholders as a means of enhancing the legacy of the support we provide. Doing so allows others to learn from and use best practices derived from our funding recipients’ work.

Completing a report typically takes approximately two hours.

For reference, below are our funding reports. These documents provide insight into the type of information we are interested in learning more about. 

In addition to our formal reporting requirements, we also welcome conversations (whether by email, phone, or in-person) anytime if funding recipients have updates they wish to share or questions they want to ask. Sometimes we also arrange informal conversations with grant recipients following a formal written report as a way to learn more, ask follow up questions, or share some insights.

If you have any questions or would like assistance to develop your reporting materials, please contact Ben Liadsky at 416-923-8953 ext. 121 or at ben[at]