Foundation House

In December 2015, as a result of the leadership of The Counselling Foundation of Canada, The Lawson Foundation, and the Laidlaw Foundation, Foundation House officially opened its doors. Designed as a place where real change could be identified and nurtured by the partners and a select group of philanthropic foundations, networks and not-for-profits, Foundation House is now the Toronto home to many organizations.

As part of the work to bring people and organizations together, facilitators helped staff to develop a set of five key principles to live by. They are:

  1. We foster a fun, friendly, and welcoming workspace.
  2. We work with an eye to inviting and igniting trust and relationship.
  3. We create and nurture an environment of learning and collaboration.
  4. We have respect for each other.
  5. We approach conflict resolution with openness.

Today, Foundation House is both a shared work space and convening hub for Canada’s philanthropic and not-for-profit community. The residents of Foundation House are engaged and passionate organizations that want to change the way the Canadian philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors work together.