Collège Saint-Maurice

“Supporting and Mentoring Northern Students for Success and Leadership”

2015 2017

The goal of this project was to transform traditional ways of doing career training by challenging students in experiential activities and responsibilities similar to the workplace, while making a change in
their community. Consequently, the goal was to implement a series of career development modules, according to the different grade levels, tailored for their respective capacities building upon laddered learning, as the
students progress from one year to the next. This approach aimed to enhance the importance of career awareness of all teaching staff members.

The essence of the project was to let students discover in class and give them space to take initiatives in their career exploration process. Teachers who were engaged were also able to give more freedom in class projects and let students take the drivers seat in a few occasions. Videos were created in class the beginning of our grant. Since then, many teachers have used video in class to share their students’ learnings. Lesson plans were also made available to other schools. A project manual and video description were completed and shared via the web.

A key insight from this work: 

Students understood the complexity of the world of work. Jobs are not single choices anymore, their career exploration can lead to various intertwined fields. They also understood the need to take action, participate in class to learn more about their interests, abilities and make better career choices. Lastly, they understood career choices are not done solely by completing assessments. They need to be active and gain experience.


About Le Collège Saint-Maurice

Fondé en 1876 par les Soeurs de la Présentation de Marie, le Collège Saint-Maurice est un établissement privé d’enseignement secondaire. Le CSM est une école de tradition aux valeurs humanistes. L’équilibre, le respect, l’engagement et l’excellence sont à la base du projet éducatif.