FoodShare Toronto

“The School Grown Social Enterprise”



FoodShare Toronto was awarded a two-year grant in 2013 to support the “School Grown Social Enterprise” initiative. This funding allowed FoodShare Toroto to develop and share the School Grown model that would result in a financially viable and replicable schoolyard farming social enterprise, evaluate and document the model, and share their learning with other communities interested in using schoolyard farming as a way of engaging youth in paid employment and providing school credit attainment opportunities.

School Grown is a schoolyard farming project, that involves youth all aspects of farming – from seed to market. This social enterprise creates student employment while also developing food literacy amongst youth. Recognizing that youth are experts in their own lives, School Grown co-created curriculum and programming with participants. The School Grown motto “no about us without us” ensures that youth are not only present in discussions about them, but are compensated for their contributions to the program. More about the School Grown model, lessons learned, and their student focused approach can be found here.

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FoodShare Toronto is a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education. They believe everyone deserves access to affordable high-quality fresh food. Since 1985, FoodShare has pioneered innovative programs like the Good Food Box, impacted what kids eat in school, and improved the way people eat and grow food across Toronto every day.

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