Hospitality Workers Training Centre

“A Workforce Intermediary Business Model”

2016 2018

The objective of this project was to standardize and mainstream the participation of career ladder training for hotel workers in Toronto by creating an accessible training and skills development pathway for incumbent hospitality workers that would assist them to advance in their careers. There is much opportunity in the industry, yet it can be a challenge (lack of skills, affordability and time constraints) for entry level workers to advance or move laterally. In addition, the project aimed to establish a model of financial sustainability for a hospitality workforce development intermediary by identifying and delivering cost-effective, customized and timely supports and services to employers and workers in the industry.

This work led to the development of a number of relationships with employer partners to promote and engage workers in career advancement training opportunities. An Ambassadors Group with worker representatives from over 18 hotel properties was also established to develop outreach strategies, inform needs, circulate information flyers, and coordinate logistics of on-property training. Moreover, 405 workers were provided access to attain professional certifications and cross-training for in-demand positions.

A key insight from this work: 

This project has reinforced the value and impact that providing career advancement and training vulnerable workers has on the economic stability of workers, but did highlight the amount of capacity, resources and staff time it takes to engage with a one-on-one strategy. As HWTC moves forward with this work there will be a need to identify more efficient approaches and techniques to engage and build on the case for career development.


About Hospitality Workers Training Centre

The Hospitality Workers Training Centre [HWTC] is a non-profit organization working in Toronto’s hospitality and food service industries. Based on a sector-focused workforce development approach, HWTC provides free of cost training to new entrants and existing workers for employment and career development. Its goal is to strengthen the workforce of our city’s hospitality industry by connecting people in need of employment to job opportunities – through high-quality training and strong partnerships with the industry.