Université Laval

“Webfolio” Grant


The Service de placement de l’Université Laval (SPLA) was awarded a three-year grant in December, 2012 to adapt and distribute its Webfolio outside the university. The SPLA supports student independence by providing services that will prepare them for the labour market and facilitate their transition to their specific career. The SPLA likewise promotes its students to employers and liaises with business groups to facilitate recruitment. Université Laval is a leading multi-disciplinary institution located in Quebec City, Quebec which offers undergraduate and graduate level courses.

In 2009 the Service de placement de l’Université Laval introduced a web-based career-exploration tool for its students. The Webfolio was launched to allow students to employ a career-related reflection platform to choose the strategies to prepare for their career of choice. This tool allows users to delve into their aptitudes and skills, identify matching careers through up-to-date labour market information, and develop their own pathway to entering the labour force. The grant from the Foundation has allowed SPLA to adapt Webfolio for use in secondary schools and CEGEPs across the province in French and English. This online career exploration tool has been available province wide since September, 2014. Employment agencies in Quebec can also use the Webfolio. Funding from the Foundation since the launch will be used to enhance Webfolio by adding an entrepreneurship module.

To explore the Webfolio please visit: https://webfolio.spla.ulaval.ca/