University of Toronto

“Working with Families Workbook Digitization” Grant


The Foundation provided a grant to The University of Toronto, Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) in 2003 to support the development of a training tool for new family physicians. The DFCM is the largest Family Medicine training program in North America. The department is recognized internationally for its clinical, educational as well as research excellence, and its teaching units are at the forefront of primary care renewal. The Working with Families Institute developed the Case-based Modules on Common Problems in Family Medicine resource for Family Medicine Program residents. It has been in use since 2004. A new grant was awarded in May, 2012 to revise its content, add new modules and, most importantly, digitize the entire material so that it could be accessible online at no cost by physicians’ in-training, practicing family doctors, other healthcare professionals and the public. The resultant Working with Families Workbook gives health care providers the ability to offer excellent care in all areas of medicine, especially counselling in psychosocial issues. This online teaching tool offers over two dozen modules including “Adolescence: Helping Families Through the Transition”, “Working With Dying Patients and Their Families: A Task-Oriented Approach”, and “Working With Families That Have Special Needs”. DFCM will add new content to the Working with Families Workbook with the aim of offering 25 modules.

Please access the Working with Families Workbook Online Tool at: