Upper Canada College – Horizons

“Tutoring and Mentoring” Grant

2000 2004

There is an emerging trend among schools these days to promote a culture of community involvement among students. This movement is commonly referred to as the ‘cycle of volunteerism’, which intends to teach youth about the values of giving back to their communities and causes in hopes that these ideals will carry on throughout their lives.

Originating at Upper Canada College, Horizons is a unique program that promotes
volunteerism while endeavouring to build an understanding between youth on either side of the economic and cultural divide. Teaming students from economically advantaged families with economically disadvantaged youth from Toronto’s inner-city, Horizons provides tutoring and mentoring services to emphasize the importance of completing a secondary school education, as well as higher education.

The Counselling Foundation of Canada furnished a grant to the Horizons program to help those academically talented public school students who may lean towards dropping out of school. The program takes on many different styles of helping out more than 400 students a year, including academic tutoring, sports coaching, music tutoring and summer school programs.

What’s important about Horizons is that it opens the eyes of all students involved – for some, how vital education is in life; for others, how imperative it is to understand the challenges and obstacles facing those who are less advantaged. Thanks to the comprehensive benefits of Horizons, a majority of independent schools in Toronto – along with their respective communities – have embraced this program and all the benefits it has to offer.