York University

“Asperger and ASD Mentorship Program”

2013 2017

The project provided an evidence-based mentoring model for students with ASDs that can be replicated in most post-secondary universities/colleges. Successful methodologies and tools were developed (and continue to be refined) to manage difficult transition moments: from high-school into post-secondary life; seeking and keeping a summer job; graduation and transitioning out of a post-secondary setting. An updated comprehensive implementation manual including the summer employment module and recommendations for sustainability was produced.

The AMP program has supported approximately 20 students per year in meeting their goals. Mentors help students manage their academics, provide social skills training, help students navigate university life and maximize their post-secondary education experience. AMP students report being supported by their mentor throughout their meetings and underscored the importance of having someone to turn to in difficult times. Most of the students continue to be a part of AMP throughout their undergraduate career, highlighting the importance they place on the program.

A key insight from this work: 

Through this program, we learned that peer mentorship can help enhance the experience of students with ASD and the support mentors provide can ease the transition to university.


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